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Creating a Winter Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

Snowy road in winter aerial view

Winter is coming, and with it arrives cold temperatures, snow, ice, and other road hazards. Whether you’re driving to work, picking up the kids from school or visiting people, the changing season can play havoc with any plans. To that end, you’re going to need the ideal emergency tool kit for your car.

Whether you’re driving around Altoona or State College, you want the best car emergency kit to keep everyone safe. Stuckey Ford has put together a guide with every major tip to help keep you secure.

What Goes in a Winter Car Safety Kit?

Slick roads, icy conditions, frozen windows in the morning, snowfall — the list goes on when it comes to winter mayhem. Whatever happens, you want to have the most important items on hand if you’re stranded or break down somewhere. If you’re worried, don’t be concerned, our service staff has recommended the following for your emergency tool kit:

  • Jumper Cables.
  • Ice Scraper.
  • Portable Shovel.
  • If You’re Stranded: Flashlight, Warning Signaling Cones, Backup Batteries, Safety Vest, and Roadside Triangles, (If you don’t want flares, try an LED Car Safety Light Kit).
  • Basic First-Aid Kit.
  • Cell Phone Charger.
  • Camera.
  • Flat Tire Kit.

Essential for Those Long Road Trips This Winter

If you’re driving to visit friends and family this winter, there are more items you should include:

  • Tow Strap: This is helpful if your Ford vehicle gets stuck in a ditch and you need another car to pull it out. Check your owner’s manual about the proper way of using any tow strap.
  • Fire Extinguisher:Even if it’s unlikely, a fire extinguisher can come in handy when dealing with even a small flame. Some extinguishers are not geared for automotive use, so consult the extinguisher manual before use.
  • Long-Lasting Food and Water: If you’re going to be driving across state lines for hours, having snacks and drinks is an essential part. Protein bars, chips, cookies, and water are good choices; make sure they can last a few months before needing replacement.

If your car breaks down in poor weather, stay inside and remain with it until it’s safe to go out on your own. Police and emergency responders will have an easier time helping you if you remain with your car and going out alone can pose numerous risks.

Be Prepared for Winter With Stuckey Ford!

As winter approaches, having an emergency kit for your car can make all the difference. If you need service, or want to upgrade parts before the temperatures drop, stop by Stuckey Ford. Call us or schedule online and we’ll help you with anything that might arise before winter makes your drive a little hectic.

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