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Ford Bronco Tire Size

2024 Ford Bronco Sport in the woods

The Ford Bronco is back and better than ever with the sixth generation, which started in 2021. After a decades-long break, the Bronco is a popular addition to the Ford lineup, and it’s ready to take you to new and exciting places in Altoona and beyond. 

To help you get there, you’ll need the right Ford Bronco tire size on your wheels. Investing in quality Ford Bronco tires can help them last longer and get you out of a jam on a wilderness trail.

Read our guide to the Ford Bronco tire sizes you’ll need no matter what trim level you own in the sixth (the most recent) generation. We’ll also list the Ford Bronco Sport tire sizes. You can start budgeting your next new set of tires based on what model you have in State College. 

Ford Bronco Tire Sizes

You’re ready to get a new set of Ford Bronco tires. Our computers can tell you what size you need. But if you want to shop online to find the best tires, you can compare tire reviews with these Ford Bronco tire sizes. 

  • Base Trim: 255/70R16
  • Badlands: 285/70R17
  • Big Bend: 255/75R17 or 315/70R17
  • Black Diamond: 265/70R17 or 315/70R17
  • First Edition: 315/70R17
  • Outer Banks: 255/70R18 or 315/70R17
  • Sasquatch Package: 315/70R17
  • Wildtrak: 315/70R17

Before buying Ford Bronco tires, consider where you want to drive the most often. All-season tires are fantastic for paved roads in Pittsburgh. All-terrain tires are outstanding for off-roading, and there are plenty of places near Hollidaysburg to do that. 

What About Ford Bronco Tires for Lift Kits?

If you get a 2-inch or 5-inch lift kit, you’ll need the right Ford Bronco tires that can add balance and traction to your higher Bronco.

2-Inch Lift Kit

  • 315/70R17 on 17×8.5 (+35)
  • 305/70R17 on 17×9 (+18, +20)
  • 35×12.50R17 on 17×9 (+18, +20)
  • 295/70R18 on 18×9 (+18, +20)
  • 35×12.50R18 on 18×9 (+18, +20)

5-Inch Lift Kit

  • 35×12.50R17 on 17×9 (+0, +1, +18, +20, -12)
  • 37×12.50R17 on 17×9 (+0, +1, +18, +20, -12)
  • 35×12.50R18 on 18×9 (+0, +1, +18, +20, -12)
  • 37×12.50R18 on 18×9 (+0, +1, +18, +20, -12)

The Right Ford Bronco Sport Tire Sizes

Now, we’ll show you the right Ford Bronco Sport tire sizes based on the trim level.

  • Base: 225/65R17
  • Badlands: 225/65R17 or 235/65R17
  • Big Bend: 225/65R17 or 225/60R18
  • Heritage: 225/65R17
  • Heritage Limited: 235/65R17
  • Outer Banks: 225/65R17 or 225/60R18
  • First Edition: 235/65R17

Get a New Set of Ford Bronco Tires in Hollidaysburg

Ready for your next set of Ford Bronco tires from Stuckey Ford? Contact us, call 582-207-2004, or schedule service at your convenience. We might have the right Ford Bronco tire size in stock already because this is a popular SUV. If not, we can order them for you and we’ll install them. We’re happy to help in any way we can!


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