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Matt Stuckey, President

Matt, the President of Stuckey Automotive, started with the company in 2003. "I love the people here at Stuckey's. I enjoy meeting our customers from all over the middle of Pennsylvania and beyond. I also enjoy working alongside our dedicated team of automotive sales and service professionals to meet our customers' needs."

Which brand is your favorite? "I am passionate about all of our brands. They are like children to me - if you asked me to choose a favorite, I wouldn't be able to!"

Favorite Vehicle: "My favorite vehicle to drive is whatever I'm driving right now (currently a Mustang GT Convertible)!"

"I am a Hollidaysburg native, and I graduated from Hollidaysburg Area High School in 1997. I graduated from Messiah College in Grantham, PA, in 2001 with a degree in International Business. I have two kids, Will and Joe, and have been married as long as I've worked at the dealership (since 2003).

Fun Fact: "I'm a sunset kind of guy."

Matt Meiser, General Manager

Matt joined Stuckey Automotive in 2009.  Today, he serves as the General Sales Manager.  He greatly enjoys taking care of customers' needs and fostering the Stuckey Automotive culture. 

Favorite Vehicle:  The Ford Expedition.  "The technology alone is incredibly advanced and it's so comfortable."  - M. Meiser.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family.

Jessica Cassarly, Controller

Jess, the Controller at Stuckey Automotive, joined the company in June of 2014. "I love the employees and that my job has a lot of variety to it."

Why Ford, Subaru, Buick / GMC, or Mitsubishi? "They're all really dependable."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Expedition. "I like the space and extra room."

Jess grew up in Martinsburg and graduated from IUP with a degree in Accounting. She currently lives in Hollidaysburg, is married, and has two sons. In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading, and playing with her kids.

Fun Fact: "I love to be outside."


Chuck Koch, General Sales Manager

Chuck, the General Sales Manager at Stuckey Automotive, started with the company in January of 2010. "I love our driven, passionate team. It's exciting having the opportunity to sell so many different brands and serving all of our customers."

Why Ford, Subaru, Buick / GMC, or Mitsubishi? "It's great to have four dominating brands in the vehicle industry. Subaru makes an awesome product with industry-leading safety, including Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Ford makes the best truck on the road and has beat the competition for the last 35 years. Buick offers the best in luxury and ride quality. And GMC's design and styling are extremely appealing.  Mitsubishi models are incredibly reliable - each one is backed by the industry-leading 10-year, 100k mile warranty!"

"I grew up in Lakemont and currently live in Bellwood with my wife (Allie), daughter (Laken), and silver lab (Skip). We all enjoy going to the lake, four-wheeling, and hunting."

Fun Fact: "Key West is my favorite destination, and I've been there three times."

Spencer Nicholson, Fixed Ops Director


Ford Sales

Sushant Mathen, Sales Manager

Shawn Kelly, Ford Sales Manager

Shawn joined Stuckey Automotive in January of 2012 and is a Ford Sales Manager. "I love my colleagues and friends, and I enjoy getting to know our customers as well as meeting new people every day."

Why Ford? "The vehicles are reliable and tough."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F-150. "It's comfortable, durable, and reliable."

Shawn has a wife (Pam), three children, and two grandsons. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking, running, and hanging out with his children and grandsons.

Fun Fact: "I lived in Manhattan and Los Angeles for a number of years."

Aaron Cunningham, Sales Manager

Bill Henry, Trade-Up Coordinator

Tyler Gibbons, Sales Professional

Tyler works as a Sales Professional at Stuckey Automotive and joined the company near the end of 2018. "I love that Stuckey's is able to sell cars from four different lots (Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Buick GMC)."

Why Ford? "What I love about Ford is that they actually care about their customers and employees."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F-250 Lariat Sport.

An Altoona resident, Tyler enjoys going to the gym and lake and getting tan in his spare time.

China Kifer , Sales Professional

Bobby Krouse, Sales Professional

Steven Niebauer, Sales Professional

Mark Dick, Sales Professional

Ken Hoffman, Sales Professional

Trey Furio, Sales Professional

Mitchell Crooks, Sales Professional


Ford Commercial Trucks

Eric Wilson, Ford Commercial Sales Manager

Ali Corran, Commercial Sales Coordinator

John Ostinowsky, Service Manager

John Ostinowsky has worked at Stuckey Ford Service Center as a service advisor since 2016.

Out of Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi, or Buick / GMC, which is your favorite brand and why? I currently work in the Ford service center so at this time Ford is most definitely my favorite brand at this time.

If you could have your pick of any vehicle we sell, what would it be and why?  My choice of vehicle would be any of our quality brands but I am partial to truck so Ford F150 or GMC Sierra.  

What do you like most about serving our customers?  The best part about taking care of our customers is being able to help people in times of need.

What's the best part of working at Stuckey Automotive?  It's the relationships I have with my coworkers and how everyone feels like family.

What the best skill that you bring to the table?  My best skill set for my job would be my communication skills I love communicating with people.

Finish this sentence:  On Sunday mornings you will find me…at Church followed by a hike or run in the woods.

Kent Lesser, Commercial Truck Service Advisor

Travis Oswald, Commercial Trucks Service Advisor

Travis joined Stuckey Automotive around the beginning of 2018 as a Service Advisor. "I love the team atmosphere among the employees, and I particularly enjoy the hand-off where the Sales Professional brings a customer over to the Service Department."

Why Ford? "There's so many Fords out there on the road. It's a very big brand and very reliable."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Explorer. "I like the features and all-wheel drive."

Travis is originally from Martinsburg, PA. He is one of four children (one brother, two sisters) who was raised by a single mother. In his spare time, he goes to the gym.

Fun Fact: "I arm wrestle competitively."

Penny Kelly, Warranty Administrator

Penny is the Warranty Administrator at Stuckey Automotive and joined the company in October of 1987. "I love the employees I work with, and I enjoy working with the Service Advisors on the warranties."

Why Ford and Subaru? "They both make really dependable vehicles."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Explorer. "It has lots of room and a nice ride."

Penny lives in East Freedom and has two daughters and two grandsons. When she's not at work, she likes to watch her grandkids and go to the lake.

Favorite Vehicle: "We spend a lot of time on the lake in Maryland."


Internet Sales

Suzie McCombie, Internet Sales Manager

Suzie joined Stuckey Automotive in February of 2018 as a Sales Representative. "My favorite aspect of working here is the camaraderie, and my favorite parts of the sales process are meeting new people and watching satisfied customers drive off the lot."

Out of Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi, or Buick / GMC, which is your favorite brand? "I admire Ford because of its history and tradition."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Edge ST

Outside of work, Suzie enjoys trap shooting, hunting, and hanging out with friends and family. Originally from Nicktown, PA, she attended Lock Haven University and currently resides in Colver, PA. She has a fur baby named Mac who is a German Shorthaired Pointer.

Fun Fact: I am a cancer survivor, and I've raised $85,000 for other cancer survivors through Suzapalooza fundraiser.

Josh Cooper, Assistant Internet Sales Manager

Ronnie Shoop, Customer Care Specialist



Kyle Greene, Finance Manager

Caleb Salyards, Finance Manager

Brandon Long, Finance Manager

Walt Babiak, Finance Manager

Michelle Conahye, Finance Assistant

Michelle works as a Finance Assistant at Stuckey Automotive and has been with the company since 2018. "I love the atmosphere - it's fun but serious. We can work and play. I enjoy learning about customers. If I don't know something, you can bet I'll come asking! I don't like not knowing everything I can."

What brand do you favor most? "I love Ford and Subaru because of their charity work. It's great that large companies give back."

In her spare time, Michelle likes to watch movies, spend time with friends, camping, and visiting family.

Originally from Chambersburg Michelle moved to Altoona in 1997 on Super Bowl Sunday. She has been together with her husband, Brandon, since October of 1999 and has two children, Brandi and Colin.

Fun Fact: "My husband, Brandon, and I got married exactly ten years after we started dating."


Ford Service & Parts

Reggie Ruggiero, Ford Service Manager

Reggie, Ford's Service Manager, joined Stuckey Automotive in July of 2014. "My co-workers are the biggest reason we succeed, and they make each day more interesting. I really enjoy fixing something no other service department could."

Why Ford? "The evolution of their products."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F-150. "It's the #1 selling truck for a reason."

Reggie is Ford Master Certified, Subaru Master Certified, and Ford Commercial Master Certified. He has a wife (Aleka) and three children (Ella, Benny, and Adelynne). He enjoys spending time with his family and friends in his spare time.


Jenna Ritchey, Assistant Manager

Jenna Ritchey, Assistant Manager, joined Stuckey Automotive in August of 2016. "I love the work atmosphere and the people I work with, and I enjoy helping people fix their vehicles and keep them properly maintained."

Why Ford? "Ford has a strong, complete line-up of vehicles."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F-150. "I like trucks and I like Fords, so the F-150 is my favorite."

Jenna is from New Enterprise and has two twin sons. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Fun Fact: "I raise and sell meat goats. I have about 25."

Brian Carns, Service Advisor

Scott Miller, Service Advisor

Kayla Karabinos, Service Advisor

Andy Seiler, Ford Parts Manager

Andy joined Stuckey Automotive in June of 2002 and currently works as the Ford Parts Manager. "I love the employees - they are the magic behind the growth of the dealership. I also enjoy selling accessories to new vehicle owners who are very excited about their new purchase."

Why Ford? "The new models are always awesome."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Ranger. "I have owned a 1996 Ranger since 2002. I'm glad to see the truck back in the lineup."

Originally from Duncansville, Andy currently resides in Newry, PA with his wife and daughter. In his spare time, he enjoys off-roading his Ranger, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his family.

Shawn Stottlemyer, Ford Parts Wholesaler


Collision Center

Mike Schnarrs, Collision Center Manager

Mike has been with Stuckey Automotive since January of 2017 and currently works as the Auto Body Manager. "I love the departmental independence and enjoy communicating well with customers."

Why Ford, Subaru, Buick / GMC, and Mitsubishi? "They all hold their value."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford F-150. "It's versatile, quiet, and has value and power."

A Penn Cambria graduate with three sons, Mike claims to have the Most Beautiful Wife in the Whole World. In his spare time, he enjoys motocross, spending time with family, watching movies, going out to eat, and traveling to new places.

Dave Weaver, Production Manager

Dave is a Production Manager at Stuckey Automotive who joined the company in May of 2018. "I love the people I work with. I especially enjoy working with the technicians on the repair process."

Favorite Vehicle: Subaru Crosstrek. "I like the design. They're very versatile."

Dave grew up in Duncansville and now lives in Riggles Gap, PA. He has a four-year business degree and likes to ride motorcycles when he's not at work.

Fun Fact: "I've ridden a motorcycle to the Smoky Mountains and back."

Mary Steele, Collision Estimator

Mike O'Brien, Collision Estimator

Nick Patton, Collision Estimator

Nick Bennett, Collision Estimator

Nick joined Stuckey Automotive in November of 2014 and currently works as a Collision Estimator. "I love the great team atmosphere, and it's really satisfying and rewarding to help folks in our Collision Center."

Out of Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi, or Buick / GMC, which is your favorite brand? "I love Ford's rich motorsports history and their influence in the automotive industry."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Mustang. "The Mustang is iconic, and the V8 GT is fun to drive."

Nick graduated from Penn State. He has a wife named Alli and two cats, Geddy and Pam. He was born, raised, and still lives in Cresson, PA.

Fun Fact: "My favorite place to go on vacation is Myrtle Beach. Also, I have only ever owned Fords and Subarus."

Casey Haupt, Collision Estimator

Candi Foust, Collision Parts Specialist

Candi joined the Buick GMC dealership on January 3rd, 2006, and currently works in the new Stuckey Automotive Collision Center. "The camaraderie among the employees is really amazing, and I love being able to work with people."

Favorite Vehicle: GMC Acadia. "I can haul my family in it, and I like the look of it."

An Altoona Area High School graduate, Candi enjoys spending quality time with her family.

Fun Fact: "I'm named after a Tony Orlando song."

Tammy Garman, Collision Support

Tammy works in Collision Support and joined Stuckey Automotive in May of 2012. "I love the employees I work with and the fast-paced environment that keeps me busy."

Favorite Vehicle: Ford Edge. "It's not too large, and it's not too small. It's the perfect mid-size SUV."

Tammy grew up in Altoona and now resides in Hollidaysburg. She enjoys spending time with her family when she's not at work.

Fun Fact: "I love extra-sweet iced tea."

Stevie Dean, Collision Support